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Welcome to Revision 3 (R3)

  07/03/11 06:59, by , Categories: Software

I'm a computer software developer. When developing software it is common to send out pre-release versions to selected users. This goes through a series of levels

Usually feature complete, but hasn't completed extensive in-house testing. Only released under fairly unusual circumstances, or to "partner" organisations so they can prepare their software to work with ours.
Feature complete, passed in-house testing, but may fail in customer environments. Relased to a limited number of, usually important, customers.
Release Candidate (RC)
Look, we think this is good enough to ship, what do you think?
General Release (GA)
Customers can use this in production & it should work
OK, so the general release wasn't actually our best work, here's a whole bunch of patches

Within each level, there can be a series of releases: Beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, RC 1, RC 2, GA, R1, R2, R3 wouldn't be an uncommon series, especially as the betas and release candidates are test versions.

I've had some previous blog hosting efforts and I'm calling this site "Revision 3" as it's my best yet attempt.

Not Terribly Happy With Installatron

  18/03/11 10:20, by , Categories: Software

No, I'm not as one more thing has gone wrong with b2evolution & this time it's Installatron that's the villan.

I upgraded the b2evolution install to the latest version & the Installatron installer deleted the additional b2evolution themes (skins) I'd added into R3. This meant that the weblog site was down.

I'm hoping I can find a work-around that will mean I don't have to do some kind of manual recovery each time I do an upgrade ... a big part of why I pay for Installatron is to automate the update process.

Tessa Clement

  14/03/11 14:29, by , Categories: Sites, People
Tessa Clement

My wife, Tessa, has had a food related blog for a long time at The Unknown Chef but just as I found when I only had one blog she often has something she'd like to blog about that doesn't fit her parameters for that site.

She's now launched a second blog "Tessa Clement" to provide a home for those postings.

Naturally, it's hosted here on Revision 3.

Kiore: Return of The Rat

  08/03/11 16:56, by , Categories: Sites

I've had the Kiore.Com, celebrating New Zealand's native rat, domain name for five years longer than I've had one, but I only put a real site up on it a few months before I launched the muffins site. As explained  in a related article "The Rat Is Back"  I acquired the domain name for an email address, just as I acquired my personal domain name for the same purpose a few years later.

Last night I restored the surviving postings from the first year of I'm going to try to get some of the later stuff back, and failing that will add new content as it becomes available.

Muffins out of the cupboard

  07/03/11 10:21, by , Categories: Sites

Wow! Talk about deja vue.

I just resurrected after it having been dead for nearly 6 years. This was the 2nd time I've resurrected it (full story on-site)  I managed to get most of the content from the original restore back from

It felt really weird as I created this site not long before I started going out with my wife, Tessa. A lot of personal history in this little site.


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